What’s Working Now On Instagram For Influencers

Engagement May 26, 2020

In this post, I would like to present the case study of Valtteri Rantanen, who has the goal of becoming a brand ambassador.

Many instagrammers want to become influencers or brand ambassadors. Although many of them aren’t willing or able to invest in their pages’ growth – or they don’t know how to properly invest their resources (time and money) in a way that allows them to save both, while leveraging very significant, game changing results.
Valtteri produces amazing content in the fashion & the fitness niche, yet his effort and quality content were not being matched by a correspondingly quality follower-gain.
Valtteri could have gone for any obsolete black hat strategy, such as buying followers in order to mask the slow yet steady follower-gain that is page was leveraging and, by doing so, going for a quick solution that wouldn’t really be worthwhile in the mid and long run, as it would harm his page’s health score dramatically, and even endanger its existence.
Doesn’t sound too good, right? Although, this is what most people do, as they cannot be bothered to put in the work, or they just don’t know any better.
Instead, Valtteri and I started working together just about 3 weeks ago, when his page was at 1607 followers, and it is now at 4.6k followers.
As I mention in past posts, Instagram story ads are one of the most (if not the most) powerful tools that you can apply into your page’s growth, as they allow you to leverage a drastic follower-gain when performed effectively, as well as a quality follower-gain, in the sense that they allow you to segment your audience in an undisputed manner, through selecting its geo location, age range, gender, interests, behaviors, language, and more.
Using story ads is an accessible way of leveraging a high follower-gain, as with just a few hundred dollars, you can increase your online presence tremendously, as shown below, which doesn’t happen with any other method (in my experience).
This is the method that I am using to reach Valtteri’s goals and the results speak for themselves.

Valtteri’s growth statistics

In just about 1 month, he will be at approximately 10k followers and from then on, his game will be forever changed.

So, in order to effectively perform story ads, there are 3 essential elements

1. Knowing exactly what your target audience looks like

If you want to become a brand ambassador, it’s mandatory that you know exactly what audience-type you want to lock eyes with your ad and, consequently, with your page and what it has to offer.Knowing what your ideal audience-type is, definitely consists in the very first step towards an efficient targeting, as you will have a deeper understanding of who should see your ad, so that no ad spend budget goes to waste.

2. Knowing where your target audience’s attention is at

This is what also separates a well performing ad and a waste of money type of ad. Social Media Marketing is a business in which communication plays a pivotal role. That said, it is fundamental to know how to position your ad and how to speak your brand through it (and through your page, obviously).Following this thought process, it is mandatory to know where your ideal audience’s eyes are most likely and actively at.From here, you adapt your ad to it by setting the placements to manual (as automatic placements are, by default, the option that Facebook business manager provides you with), and select the placement that is more coherent with your ad format and your audience.

3. Knowing how to captivate your audience

Following point number 2, it’s essential to create an attractive ad that is likely to make the most out of your audience’s attention span, as the most natural behavior that is will have is to slide through your ad 2 seconds after they see that it is an ad. People’s attention span is extremely short, and they usually are not on Instagram to be sold or to sign up for any specific cause. They are most likely there to see their friends and what they are up to, or just to have a laugh. That is where good creatives come in handy. If you know how to set your ad in a way that counters this behavior, you’re maximizing the chance of maximizing link clicks and, consequently, page visits, which leaves your audience one click away from following your page.

Bonus tip

When it comes to Instagram story ads, keep your text to a minimum.Let your picture or video do most of the talking, as it must be attractive and compelling enough to lock your audience’s eyes and get their attention for more than 2 to 3 seconds.What has been working the best for me is to simply add a question and a CTA, while adding a 5-6 second video that’s not static, but dynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

Hope this helps! If you want to accelerate your Instagram growth and increase your organic reach, consider using LikeUp for automatic like exchanging.

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