Types of Instagram Likes

Jun 03, 2020

If you ever ask for or purchase some likes, you saw different impact for your profile each like can give. That leads us to important questions:

  1. Should I buy Instagram likes?
  2. What is the difference between 'real' and 'fake' (bot) likes?
  3. Which type of likes would help me grow my Instagram profile?

In this article we will cover all the se questions and give some Instagram growth tips and hacks that works in 2020.

I want to buy Instagram likes - please don't

Nowadays you can easily buy thousands of Instagram likes: the prices vary from 2$ to $200 per 1000 likes. The price strongly depends on the quality of users who put likes to your post (the type of Instagram like).

You can't be sure which users will like your post - please don't buy likes: a load of bots can destroy your profile, kill your Instagram engagement, and even let Instagram ban your profile because you violate the Instagram Terms of Service (basically "no fake likes allowed").

What types of likes exist?

We've collected each type of Instagram likes to analyse and find the best one for the growth. Here is the list of Instagram likes types:

Likes from freshly created accounts

There are scripts and services that automated Instagram account creation. So the routine is follows: script create a fake instagram account using regular Instagram registration page, it uses one-time email and mobile numbers generation to get a valid credentials and put them in registration form. After that a new freshly created account is usually used for parsing Instagram data on scale but It also can like, comment and follow someone. There are some services that sell the likes from these types of newborn accounts but since these accounts are new, small and without active audience, Instagram easily detects them using their Machine Learning fraud classifier.

Likes from hacked users

Sometimes a user install a malware that steals yous Instagram password. Or you just have a very simple password. Or simply forgot to log out from someone's device. It doesn't matter how they got your password, now they can use your account until you change the password. Likes from hacked users are the same as from real users - the larger engagement they have - the greater the power of the like is.

Likes from active real users

The power of an Instagram like depends on the amount of followers the profile has, the amount of comments people tend to leave in its feed. More engagement - more power the like has. If your account is large with a lot of active yous - Instagram gives more weight to your like and more trust.

Powerlikes - Likes from large accounts (10k+ followers)

Instagram powerlike is something that can boost your Instagram post into "For you" page (a.k.a. trending tab). Powerlike is when a lot of large users give your post a like. In result, all their followers would see your post in their "For you" page. Powerlikes can be purchased online and they are expensive. The real magic happens when a lot of huge and popular Instagram accounts like your post straight after you publish the media in your feed. That is why LikeUp is so great.

LikeUp: real users exchange real likes

LikeUp is a community of real users who exchange likes between each other. Our automatic Instagram engagement pod also has several verified users with more than 100 000 followers and ready to like your posts.

Right now the LikeUp participant followers distribution is follows:

  • 80% - less than 2500 followers
  • 10% - less than 10000 user
  • 10% - more than 10000 user

It means that every 10th like comes from a Instagram Poweruser. Since every like is happening automatically, all new posts receive powerlikes in couple minutes after the publication which is great to attract more organic users from Instagram "for you" page to your Instagram profile.

Try LikeUp now - it has freemium plan where you can play with settings, take a look at your dashboard and request additional likes for your photos.

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