1000 real Instagram Followers Giveaway

Giveaway Jul 21, 2020

Instabotproject Telegram community introduces the giveaway where you can win up to 1000 real Instagram followers. Check it out:


  1. FIRST PLACE: 1000 followers 👑
  2. SECOND PLACE: 500 followers
  3. THIRD PLACE: 300 followers
  4. FOURTH PLACE: 200 followers
  5. FIFTH PLACE: 100 followers

How to participate

To participate in Giveaway, you need to invite 5 real friends to Likefollowbot. Only invitations made after July, 22 2020 will be counted. We will start Giveaway on July, 22 2020 and finish it on August, 08 2020.


What is @Likefollowbot?

Likefollowbot is a Telegram bot that automates the Like&Follow Instagram engagement group (also called pod). Rules are simple:

  • like and follow people from the list we give you,
  • earn coins 🍪
  • coins are automatically converted into new likes and followers:
1🍪 = 1 like + 1 follow

How to invite users to @Likefollowbot?

Use your referral link. To get your it, just type /referral to the bot:

Dialogue with a Telegram bot to get your personalised referral link

Likefollowbot is using anti-fraud mechanism that doesn't allow fake users to be counted as an invited user. If your friends would just press start and never use the bot afterwards, we will not count them as invited.

We count only friends invited after 2020-07-22. Friends you invited before will not be taken into account for this competition.

How the winners are chosen?

We randomly choose 5 users out of those who invited 5 or more friends to the bot. Type /giveaway in the bot to see how many friends you have invited already and how many other people participate.

How do I know if I win?

We will make an Instagram Live session on 2020-08-08 and chose winners online. Follow our Instagram to watch it. You will find the accurate time, date and link in Instabotproject Telegram channel.

How will I receive followers if I win?

All winners will receive bot's coins 🍪 on their bot balance.

1000 followers prize = 1000 🍪 in bot.

Your Instagram account will appear in other users' lists and they will like and follow you. So you will also receive likes from the new followers which is great for Instagram algorithms!

What do you waiting for? Check the bot up and start inviting friends!

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