Instagram automation is dead

May 26, 2020

A few words about why bots are unstable

In summer 2019, Instagram has started a war with automation bots

Ever wondered why Instagram automation bots are no longer stable?

Instagram automation, such as mass-following, hashtag-liking, etc., is an old and unstable way to promote your account. Using it in 2020 may result in shadow-bans or temporary action blocks.

It's because Instagram recently became good at detecting bots.
Any bot that claims to work for your account will still be blocked within a week or two of operation.

Instead of bots, our team recommends using LikeUp extension.

LikeUp is a like-sharing community that helps you reach new audiences by boosting your post into Explore tab. Combined with focus on good content, results in engagement and reach are much better than from automation. Also, like sharing is happening automagically thanks to our Chrome browser extension

Hope that was helpful! You can install LikeUp extension here

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