Increase Your Location-Based Followers TODAY

Engagement Oct 08, 2020

Lots of Instagram marketeers have the need to target local leads or pages, or those from a certain geographic location, be it in more of a macro scale, such as country-wise, or in more of a micro scale, when it comes to specific cities, towns or even avenues.

Regardless of how narrowly targeted their audience is, there are 5 effective ways to get location-based followers on Instagram:

Story Ads

This is the number one way of leveraging targeted growth on Instagram at the current time. They’re super effective, as I've talked about and shown in my last post. Take the most out of them them while they’re still THIS effective.


This method is highly expensive and doesn’t work for everyone. You must be very careful and practical when going for shoutouts.

  1. Firstly, make sure the pages you’re ordering shoutouts from are constituted by real followers, at least on its majority.
  2. Secondly, make sure that the pages’ niche and audience type highly resonate with yours. For instance, if you run a page in the restaurant niche, you will want to reach out to influencers that reside or are from the same area as the restaurant you're working with / for, and so on.
  3. Thirdly, make sure to thoughtfully set up the piece of content that you’re providing the pages to advertise, not just aesthetically wise, but also by keeping it simple yet interesting, in order for people to be tempted to follow your page once they see it.

Follow / Unfollow

Even though I am not an apologist of this type of method, it works well at an initial stage when it comes to gathering a few hundred targeted followers.

Location Tags

A lot of people don’t even do this, and it’s so simple – simply tag the location in your post or story. People can search for keywords in the locations category and including a location tag equals free exposure. If you’re missing out on location tags, as well as in any other free feature that exists within Instagram, you’re missing out on exposure.


Finally, hashtags are the definition of targeted exposure, the narrower you are when using them. They are not the biggest source of following conversion in mass – the explore page is – but they are the best free, organic source when it comes to targeted follower-gain. Name the places and the niche-related keywords that encompass the audience that you’re looking to lock eyes with your content.

I hope this was insightful! Feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram chat or in support section at!

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